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Now in its fifth year, MHC consistently delivers on its motto, "your financial services insider… outside™", by offering clients in-depth understanding of the financial services industry and the unbiased perspective of a trusted, independent third party. MHC is especially known for its expertise in the retirement income marketplace.

The knowledge and network of an insider . . . the fresh perspective of an outsider -- this is what MHC offers in every research paper, and brings to every engagement.

What we do
MHC influences the strategic direction and empowers the leadership and field delivery of financial services firms across the country by providing insight and actionable strategies to continuously improve how firms and advisors help Americans of all ages to save and invest for retirement and other goals. MHC develops proprietary research of our own, collaborates with other research and consulting firms, and produces custom work for clients. Our body of knowledge focuses on market data, investor needs, competitive landscape, and best practices.

Recent News

May 20, 2009:
Uncluttered growth opportunities!
MHC announces Hearts & Wallets, a new series of research to illuminate underserved, yet potentially very profitable, customer segments, in partnership with Sway Research. Our first study reveals how industry focus on pre-retirees leaves mid-career investors unsure where to turn. Become their resource; gain first mover advantage; win assets!
Learn how to acquire Peak Accumulators.

May 1 2009:
Smart retirement income strategies!
MHC has five years experience orienting clients to the best opportunities in the retirement income market with a deep, broad perspective that newcomer firms cannot match. This most recent view exposes the gaps between what investors want and are getting from their advisors and firms, and identifies best practices.

Sept. 2, 2008: MHC releases Portrait of U.S. HH Wealth, a cost-effective and robust resource for market sizing and targeting. Based on U.S. government data for consistency and reusability. Just in time for 2009 business planning!

Client Feedback

"Many thanks for travelling to talk to our leadership team about Hearts and Wallets. Your presentation was very well-received. As we decide how to proceed with this investor segment, our business development leaders appreciate your specific observations regarding our strengths and opportunities."

- Financial Executive

"This report helped us refine our target market. Our target is now Mass Market Retirees (HH aged 65+ with $100-250k in HH IA). Now we know exactly how big that is and how many assets they have in the key product categories."

- Retirement Program Manager at a Large Diversified Firm

"This is great. From a larger firm, it would cost 3 times as much, and the practical value would not have been as great."

- President of a Start-up