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Capturing the Hearts & Wallets of Peak Accumulators: Building Profitable Investment Business with Generation X and Younger Boomers

prospectusHearts & Wallets is a new series of research to illuminate underserved, yet potentially very profitable, customer segments, in partnership with Sway Research. This first research report outlines needs, ideal messaging, advice preferences, delivery model trends, and product usage of mid-career investors, 57 million households of overlooked and misunderstood investors who control $5 trillion in assets. In addition to real business-building acquisition and development tactics to implement in 2009 and 2010, this report reveals how new ways of interacting with firms and advisors, especially combining live and technology channels, will transform the investment industry over time.

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Retirement Income Series

MHC is the subject matter expert that drove Financial Research Corporation's practice from 2004 to 2008, authoring more than 6 well-received strategic studies with insight that powered the marketing, product and distribution strategies of over 50 firms.

MHC's latest report, published by FUSE Research Network, outlines competitive best practices for firms and advisors for asset consolidation, retirement income planning and product solutions that place the investor squarely in the center of the value proposition, the most proven way to develop lasting competitive advantage. Retirees relying on their assets for income will represent 30% of U.S. investable assets in 2020.

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Portrait of U.S. Household Financial Wealth: Sizing, Segmentation, Product Ownership and Household Profiles

In 2009, this popular report first launched in 2008, will become an annual service including a baseline report and quarterly updates. This service enables clients to develop market sizes for a variety of business strategies and customer targets. It eliminates the need to spend hours trying to understand the wide variety of government data sources, as MHC does all the leg work.

Categories in Key Asset Products and Investor Segments

  • U.S. Household Investable Assets (“US HH IA”)
  • 6 Wealth and 6 Age segments that yield 36 mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive target markets
  • Product ownership and asset statistics
  • Profiles of specific target market segments

Get the market sizing data you need to make smart decisions (and look great at meetings) during annual planning

Recent News

May 20, 2009:
Uncluttered growth opportunities!
MHC announces Hearts & Wallets, a new series of research to illuminate underserved, yet potentially very profitable, customer segments, in partnership with Sway Research. Our first study reveals how industry focus on pre-retirees leaves mid-career investors unsure where to turn. Become their resource; gain first mover advantage; win assets!
Learn how to acquire Peak Accumulators.

May 1 2009:
Smart retirement income strategies!
MHC has five years experience orienting clients to the best opportunities in the retirement income market with a deep, broad perspective that newcomer firms cannot match. This most recent view exposes the gaps between what investors want and are getting from their advisors and firms, and identifies best practices.

Sept. 2, 2008: MHC releases Portrait of U.S. HH Wealth, a cost-effective and robust resource for market sizing and targeting. Based on U.S. government data for consistency and reusability. Just in time for 2009 business planning!

Client Feedback

"Many thanks for travelling to talk to our leadership team about Hearts and Wallets. Your presentation was very well-received. As we decide how to proceed with this investor segment, our business development leaders appreciate your specific observations regarding our strengths and opportunities."

- Financial Executive

"I like that this analysis is based on publically available data because we are not dependent on someone's proprietary database. We're glad to get the MHC report because we certainly don't want to do the crunching ourselves! This is going to be our firm-wide market sizing resource."

- Insurance Execuitve